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Holiday Card Project 2016~ :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 13 3 P!ATD Outfit :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 38 3 Goretober Day 2: Gut Spill :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 6 1 Goretober: Day 1- Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 19 1 In Love With My Depression :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 51 3 Sick and Feeling Like Crap :) :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 58 6 Oc: Harumi Fuwa :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 71 16 OC: Erai Amori :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 71 4 Gift: Rem and Ram :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 69 3 This is Gospel- Panic At The Disco! :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 128 16 Shop.Ocean Inspiration :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 24 1 Gift: GrayDragon117 Oc- Alexis :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 39 10 My Oc: Lost Unknown :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 49 12 Twenty One Pilots-- Lane Boy :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 33 2 Request: Steven Universe OC Coralina :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 32 13 Request: Mikey and Charlie :iconhamatorahajimelover:HamatoraHajimelover 36 17


Eyes of Masters :iconkarinalovedubai:KarinaLoveDubai 130 23 SUZZZZZZZZZZZZ :iconzea-bruh:zea-bruh 175 25 New year Arisu. :iconpettanp:pettanp 84 22 Higanbana Bakaneko JUMP! Official artbook for sale :iconkpj11:KPJ11 143 8 NORADUS :iconrienlen:rienlen 190 5 white. :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 323 36 Essence :iconyume-no-yukari-photo:yume-no-yukari-photo 192 8 She :iconteagirl-vn:teagirl-vn 226 19 wdtfs: seju and sumin :iconatutcha:atutcha 217 22 pretty odd (art trade) :iconpancok:pancok 42 3 Santa Hibiki chan :iconwatarurikka:watarurikka 202 19 03_04 :icontudvaseva-sasha:tudvaseva-sasha 294 7 Holiday Card Project :iconmarybellamy:MaryBellamy 13 0 Holiday Card Project :iconpatchnpaw:PatchNpaw 18 8 at | wanpuccino :iconmilemiru:milemiru 341 18



Holiday Card Project 2016~
I feel bad because I was only able to make three cards this year for the Holiday Card Project, but thank God I sent them off before the deadline yesterday. I wanted to color them, but seeing as I didn't have enough time, I tried my best to ink and shade them (not the best at that tho, plus I've barely been drawing lately so doing this felt really good). I love knowing the fact that I was able to do this again for another year and that these cards will be given to patients in the hospitals. It makes me feel really good every time I participate in this, plus Christmas events dealing with the Red Cross ^_^ (also, really sorry for the bad lighting! The lighting in my room sucks lol) 
P!ATD Outfit
This was just a "test" drawing, I guess?? I haven't drawn in about two months at all so since Christmas is finally coming up and I want to make Christmas cards for the Red Cross like I do every year, I've gotta start start drawing again lmao. Yeaaa this didn't coming out that good, but hey, P!ATD makes everything better~~ Chili Anime Emoji (Ohohoho Laugh) [V3] brendon urie emote || gettin jiggy with it 
Goretober Day 2: Gut Spill
I meant to post this on Goretober Day 2, but my lovely computer wouldn't let me export anything out nor would it let me go on Deviantart for some strange reason -_- But anyway, here's my interpretation of day 2's theme, "Gut Spill"!~~ ^^
It looks bad since I had to rush it (i had tons of homework), so sorry about that!
But I still hope you guys like it!!~~
Goretober: Day 1- Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc
I'M POSTING THIS SO LATE. WTF. I meant to post this before midnight for, Goretober, but homework kept me from doing so T^T Anywho, here's my depiction for day 1 of Goretober! The theme was: Extra limbs/Eyes/Etc. 
I've always wanted to do Goretober before (as you can see, I don't do gore that much so I suck at the moment xD) . On a side note, I probably won't be doing everyday's theme due to school (it runs my life xD), but I'll try doing as much as I can! Hope you guys like it!! <3
In Love With My Depression
"In a strange way, I had fallen in love with my depression"- Elizabeth Wurtzel

No, it wasn't hard to draw and color, but due to school, which makes everything take 100x longer than it honestly should be (reasons of why I take forever to respond to notes), THIS LITERALLY WAS MY LIFE THIS WHOLE WEEK. Lol and I love how it still looks terrible in the end and kind of strays away from the quote I was referring off of xD OH WELL.
Hey my Secret Santa!!! I noticed how I didn't add any introduction or anything in the beginning which seemed kind of rude and really ridiculous on my part sooo as you can see I did! I honestly don't care if it's traditional, digital, etc! Go crazy with it for all I care.... hold up a minute... never mind!! No nudity if that's alright or anything dealing with drugs and alcohol XD and that's pretty much it \^.^/ Have fun and I just feel like saying it but Happy Early Christmas!! >.<   Chitaru Talking Icon             
Enju Sway Icon 
1) Black Bullet- Midori's: death…

2) Sunday Without God**- Ai and Alice Color
3) Anime Amnesia- Heroine and Shin 
4) Trinity Seven- Levi and Yui
5) Tokyo Ghoul- Touka
6) Sword Art Online II- Sinon and/or Kirito in his "girl" form
7) Another- Misaki (one with eyepatch)
8) Blue Exorcist- Rin Okumura 
9) Sora no Method- Noel and Nonoka 
10) No Game No Life- anyone really since the artwork is fantasic!!
11) Diabolik Lovers- Laito and Yui
12) Aria the Scarlet Ammo- Kinji and Aria 
13) Chaika- The Coffin Princess- Reall any of the many Chaika's
14) Akuma no Riddle- anyone really!! They're all so pretty!!              
15) Noragami- Yato, Yukine, and/or Hiyori

 HAMATORA-Opening-Animated-Emoji Ikki-shiki-toma Yui (Yoroshiku ne) [V1] 

* The ones that I didn't put a specific character on means that I really don't care what or who you add on it :)) Shiro Happy Icon  I hope that the edit of this journal helps out a little bit because I also noticed how I asn't descriptive. Arigato!!!!!!! Nio Wink Icon 


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I freaking love anime and anime is my fuel to draw :3. I also love drawing the old fashion way with paper, pencil, and colored pencils but now I'm starting to get a little more into digital art and it's actually pretty fun!!



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